afini Tennis USA

Afini Tennis' US home is the historic Balboa Tennis Club, founded in 1922. The club boasts 25 hard courts located in Balboa Park, in the heart of San Diego. Know more about Balboa Tennis Club at

In addition to private and semi-private lessons, Afini Tennis offers small group clinics, designed for all ages and levels, and for up to four players on the court. These clinics are a dynamic approach to both singles and doubles, where players take advantage of the small ratio to develop their skills and strategies through intense workout drills and specific point playing situations. They are the perfect option for those who are willing to improve their games and also break a nice sweat on the tennis court! The small number of players on the court also allows thorough individual attention from the coach to each player.

Students can contact Eduardo Afini at 305-345-6061 and
The Junior Development Program is dedicated to young tennis players who, in addition to having fun and having a good time on the court, are willing to take their games to a competitive level.

Emphasizes is given on the proper fundamentals of the game of tennis, with focus on strokes, footwork and ball control. Special attention is given also to the development of specific social skills, focusing on good sportsmanship, proper tennis etiquette on and off the court.

Players receive a proper Introduction to tennis. They learn basic skills, strokes, scoring, mini-tennis competition, singles and doubles positioning. The use of soft balls is fundamental in this phase, regardless of age.

For players that already compete or will start competing after some time in the program, the focus is on the continued development of all strokes, use of spin, basic singles and doubles strategies, and increase of competitive drills. Points and set playing is part of every practice session.

The program is offered two times a week (Wednesdays and Fridays), on 90 minute long sessions, from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Players are encouraged to participate in both sessions every week, and required to attend at least one of them.